Eugenio Castellotti was born in Lodi on 10 October 1930 into an aristocratic family. His economic condition allows him to drive a Ferrari 166 MM at the age of 18. An exaggerated car for the time. Object of desire of the world universe.
Eugenio apparently had everything he wanted. But nothing fascinated him more than speed. Feeling alive by touching danger represented his recipe for making sense of his existence.
His youth goes through continuous car raids. The curves of the Cisa are its ideal environment. The step towards the world of racing is short. His career began on 1 April 1951 when he took part in the Giro di Sicilia and in the same year he took part in the Mille Miglia, finishing sixth in his category. In 1952 he obtained his first victories: first in his category at the Giro di Sicilia and the Syracuse Gold Cup. Lancia calls for participation in the Carrera Panamericana in 1953. He comes third after Fangio and Taruffi. In 1954 he was first in Florence Siena. Monza May 26, 1955: He experiences the drama of his friend Ascari’s death .. Villoresi and Castellotti are testing the new Ferrari 750. Alberto asks to take a few laps on the new car. He has no clothing and helmet. The accident occurs with Alberto Ascari wearing Castellotti’s helmet. The disappearance of Ascari gives him the lead of Lancia – Ferrari. He finishes third in the world championship. In 1956 he won the Mille Miglia and the 12 Hours of Sebring. In 1957 he took part in the Argentine Grand Prix. He returned to Italy and his life was interrupted on March 14 of the same year.
He is in Modena to test the new Ferrari 801 but for no apparent reason he goes off the track and the accident is fatal. The drama takes place in the presence of Enzo Ferrari. A brilliant and unscrupulous man, he lived his passions intensely. His love story with Delia Scala, a well-known showgirl in Italy at the time, is remembered.

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The historical re-enactment of the speed race that took place in the 1950s

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